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This is my very first post in my new blog at WordPress.  Previously I occasionally used a blog at: — which you are welcome to read.

I started THIS blog just to try it out. I was (and am) inspired by Wrick Daddario’s blog and website at and by his art of ku (haiku) and haiga.

For photos and images of my art, I usually use Flicker — — because a viewer does NOT need to register in order to look at the images, and because one can organize one’s own pictures into albums, AND because there are “groups” where you can see themed photo pools curated by someone.  The group I curate is called “Looking UP !! [Upwardly-photo]” and contains only images from a particular perspective — looking UP an object into the distance.


I’ll be occasionally posting images which I hope will inspire others to write and share their haiku (or English “ku”) or haiga with me.  I plan to post some of mine later also. (Old ones are in that Blogger blog mentioned above.)

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something 4 you 2 ku …

Here’s an image to spark your creativity with a “haiku moment”.  If you are so moved, please leave your haiku in a comment here.  Or a haiga, if that’s your thing.




Richter, Jerred, Rosenthal, Sheeks, Reddig, Needham, Schave, Mertes …

My current family consists of myself and my husband Jim Drummond. Our sweet kittens have all gone (latestly Geraldine in 2016 at the age of 21) and we are not planning on getting any more now.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that The Great Kitten in the Sky won’t choose us to live with again; is just means we don’t know about it yet.

My birth family consists of myself, one mother, one father, and one brother. Mom and Dad are gone (2008 & 2014) and brother Jim Richter lives with his wife Jamie in the southern part of California (as of 2012).

I have enjoyed looking into our family history but, since neither Jim nor I have children, there is no one in my family to pass the research along to.  HOWEVER, there is now a wonderful online Family Tree that is a place for ALL people to work a combined genealogy project that will long outlast any one of us.  So now I focus my researches on expanding the connections of THAT instead of making more boxes of papers, photos, and binders full of copies.  I’m digitizing all the family photos and uploading them — along with any family stories I come across — so more distant relatives can have those to share.  You can add your info to this worldwide project by going to and registering.  (Please use your real name, so your cousins can more easily find you!)  It’s a wonderful activity and I find the sleuthing to be quite enjoyable.

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